Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bed Rest...at least for this week

Sunday, my body woke me up from a nap with sharp pains in my uterus. I thought it was just those round ligament pains they've been mentioning for awhile so I moved around and tried to get them to stop. After about 10 minutes they did. I had them again that night before I fell asleep, but just plunked my handy dandy ice pack (not so ice-y any more at that point) on my stomach and it seemed to help. Then yesterday morning, they returned. I waited until my Dr.'s office opened and then called.

The lovely nurse there, who is very kind, said they could be those round ligament pains, or they could be something else, so to be safe I should go to OB Triage. That morning I had ridden the bus to work, and mildly jogged for the second one so I wouldn't miss it, had not eaten anything but pretzels for breakfast and was in general having one of those days where I was not being the perfect pregnant girl (with veggies and calcium and fiber and etc.), but I still wasn't terribly worried.

I had to ask the women in my office to get me to the hospital and it was fun to watch them jump into action, put me in a chair and run for their car! ( I was getting a little worried at this point) I wasn't able to get The Geek on the phone as it was Monday and Monday is his work from home day which means a few minutes before he has to be at 'work' ie, his desk, he rolls out of bed, grabs a little food and plunks down in his chair. I was at the hospital by the time I got him and so had to pass the phone off to my supervisor, who came with us to show us where to go, so she could give him directions while I checked in.

He was there in record time and I was hooked up to a belt that monitored the activity of my uterus. There were regular little blips which they called 'twitches', but didn't seem to be too concerned about. Then they did an extended ultrasound (30 minutes or more) to check the baby out. She was great! She nearly flipped over during the exam! We actually had a wonderful discussion with our ultrasound tech about life, religion, babies, family, race. It was fun. Plus she let us look at our baby girl for a lot longer. There was one frame where her tiny foot was there with toes and all! So sweet. I declared it was The Geek's foot and he said I was crazy.

Then we told her about our theories concerning her chin. So she, of course, looked at the profile to help us determine who's chin she has. (It's a family thing. I have a very prominent chin that I got from my mother and so far, all the grand-babies have it.) I still say The Geek, but perhaps I am mistaken. She gave us a BEAUTIFUL image of her profile with her sweet lips and nose showing. But I digress...the verdict was, my cervix is shortening (which is bad, because that's what it does when I get ready to give birth) and I was having contractions (which I didn't even notice during the exam and are normal for a pregnant uterus. Practice, they call it. But not in conjunction with a shortening cervix ). It's not shortening a lot, but enough to make them worry.

So the result was, home to bed until I get in to see a fetal maternal doctor, which will be Thursday morning. I just found out that I have another ultrasound today at 1:15 pm. If you are so inclined and when you think about it, if you could offer up the following:
Prayers for my baby girl that she will stay put, grow and be healthy.
Prayers that my body will calm down and do what it's supposed to do.
Prayers for wisdom for my doctors.
Prayers of peace for The Geek who has to watch his girls struggle through this, but can't fix it for us.
Prayers for me that I finally slow down and learn to rest. (it's a hard lesson for me)

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