Friday, August 22, 2008

Aarg, Aarg, Arg! I don't want my president to be Sexy!

Just reading the news...I know, I know, I said I'd give it up. Here's a quote from an article in the LA Times here:

'"Yet when it comes to Obama, street artists around the country are falling into line. "Obama's a rock star, he's got a great brand and he's a very sexy candidate," explained Ian Bourland, a University of Chicago graduate student who is one of the few academics studying recent street art. "It's his race, his politics and his charisma."'

The last 'sexy' president (JFK) was a philandering git who entered history as a permanent martyr because he was assassinated! No matter what his politics, or what he did for the nation I have no respect for a man who can't be faithful to his wife, or at least own up to it, say it was wrong and choose another path. Can we not have another sexy president, please? In case you are wondering, I have not yet chosen a candidate, but crap like this just kills me! Let rock stars be rock stars and presidents be presidents. Please.

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