Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still a girl...we hope (little mama update)

The geek and I went in for a second ultrasound so they could capture images of things she was laying too funny to capture before. (heart outflow valve and technical stuff like that) At 23 weeks I've gained a whopping pound and a half from my beginning weight and since she weighs almost all of that, it can be safely assumed that I have lost weight during this pregnancy so far.

I was giving myself a top gain of 15 lbs, but the doc said if I keep it lower (more like 5), it will be much easier for me. I'm not gonna kill myself to maintain this, but eat right and swim. My blood pressure (which I had problems with and am medicated for, from before pregnancy) is great and is still in the 'low' phase (100/50 today). It could go up in the last trimester, but I am hoping that swimming several times per week will help this not happen.

After several nights of severe arm pain, I finally went in to see an orthopedic doc and he ordered a nerve study on me. I had already seen a neurologist and his verdict was..."You are pregnant." Thanks...I didn't know that yet. It could be that my arm was swollen from all the weed-eating I did the day before. The geek has put the kibosh on any further attempts at using large tools in the yard and actually tried to get the doc to say I should refrain from any yard work at all! (She didn't. She said take it easy, don't get overheated, drink lots of water and don't lift big stuff) I can understand his concerns as my little belly keeps expanding and he gets a daily (visual) reminder of what is to come.

So she continues to wiggle and squirm and was only slightly cooperative during her ultrasound today. I am learning what I want and don't want in a delivery but since I am classified as 'high risk,' I wonder how much of that will matter when it actually comes down to it. I don't want to get hustled off and induced and drugged!

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The Velvet Trunk said...

It's a SHE!!!! Yay!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

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