Thursday, August 21, 2008


For the second time in as many months, someone in my neighborhood has been pulled out in front of while riding their scooter, severely injuring them.

The first was my friend and neighbor who was forced to lay down her pink moped rather than slam into a car that decided that she didn't really have the right of way, or didn't see her, or some such crap. Her blog has photos of the blackened jeans that could have been her flesh! She was a mass of bruises and soreness for weeks! The guy said he didn't see her. Like that's an excuse!

Se second was a well known musician here in town named Will Hoge. He was nearly killed on his scooter when the driver of a van pulled out in front of him. The news ran the story last night here. The local paper ran a story revealing it was Will Hoge today. He currently is the hospital in EXTREMELY critical condition. The doctors have hope that he will make it. The driver of the van? Not a scratch. He said he never saw him.

The worst part of the news story was the shining example of tactlessness Sgt Bob Sheffield of the Metro Police who said,
"...the burden of safety is on the motorcycle rider [or] scooter rider. They are in, I mean, on a much smaller vehicle and, you know, a lot harder for people in passenger vehicles to observe 'em"

Gosh. I guess Will was just not being careful enough! How dare he drive down the road with his lights on and expect people to actually look before turning in front of him. I guess he was going TOO fast (it's 30 mph on that part of Main St.). Too bad Will's thoughtless actions as the 'smaller vehicle' nearly cost him his life! Since the 'burden of safety is on the...scooter rider,' I guess it's his own fault that he hit the side of a van! Oh this makes me mad! Never once did the newscast mention that the driver would be held accountable for his actions! What about failure to yield? What about reckless driving? What about nearly killing a man? What about depriving the world of any future great music from this artist? Nope. The burden falls on him. Oh, I could SPIT!

Will Hoge's music is something you have to hear. Check it out. Buy the album. He's gonna need it to pay the Doctor bills. Listen here.

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The Velvet Trunk said...

That's SO sad. I just looked online and found an update that he has been deemed in "stable" condition now. But it also seems like his label is trying to downplay his injuries, so who knows.

Well, must get to work and stop playing on internet. Love you girlie- hope you have a marvelous Saturday! :)

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