Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holding pattern

I'm still at home. The Geek had to go back to work today. (BOOOO!) So I've been puttering around doing minimal stuff and resting, like I'm supposed to.

As for the second ultrasound (boys-skip over this if you get grossed out by clinical terms) they found my cervix to be closed and long with is exactly what it is supposed to be. The Geek and I were leaving the tech's office and I said how funny it was that he now knows more about the state of my body that he ever has. I mean, really. What if I could tell you the daily (or more likely - monthly) state of his colon? It would be a little odd. But he knows all about the inner workings of my plumbing! Pregnancy definitely discourages modesty.

I did do some pre-natal yoga this morning which really helped relax me and make my back stop hurting. The baby girl seemed to like it a lot! She really squiggled around after I was finished. So much for resting and relaxing for her. She's more active than ever. Which is a good thing and I'm excited she's doing well. I thought I'd plug the yoga disk I did a little since yoga in general has (since college) made me feel really strong and relaxed, and this one was awesome! For those of you who are newly pregnant, you gotta try this!! (Click the picture above for a link) OK, enough commercials for now.

It was amazing to watch my church ladies pull together and offer to help me while home alone today! My neighbor came over and gave me food so I didn't have to think about cooking while I am supposed to be resting. How awesome is that?! She even took my poor cooped up dog for a walk so she could get some exercise. Thanks Jan!

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