Thursday, August 14, 2008

All's well...blissfully mediocre.

Things are as they should be. The baby is safe and sound and still where she belongs, my body has calmed down and the specialist had no idea why I was there (He did, according to his charts and stuff, but he found nothing to worry about.) He said I and she looked normal to him. It's a relief. I did realize how much I DO NOT miss work though. I do get a little lonesome for companionship, but by no means do I wish that I could go file, staple, scan, or invoice anything! Oh the perpetual angst of a musician not doing music.

Actually I'm not that angst-y about it. I feel blissfully mediocre today. I can still create, but I don't have to give my soul over to being so dramatic about it all. Perhaps that's just in reaction to watching Running with Scissors. I sincerely hope the book was funnier than the film, but The Geek and I sat through about 15 minutes of it with our mouthes open at the insanity of these people and then decided it was time to read a book together. I told him I'd watch it by myself tomorrow (today) and he turns to me, dead-pan and says, 'Don't watch it by yourself tomorrow. Watch it with a friend.' I didn't watch it with a friend, I just watched it and it leads me to a little modern culture annoyance: Why are only the most frighteningly dysfunctional aspects of life celebrated? Think about it. Most modern novels are filled with sexual deviants and frankly, crazy people. A future reader's quick perusal of the New York Times best seller list would lead one to believe that the average soul in our current culture was either gay or repressed, had some dark sordid secret that drove their neurosis, molested children, wished they did, and that God Forbid, if they were just average: loved, lived and died, that after their death the horrible chain of secrets they had spent a lifetime covering would all come unraveling, wreaking havoc on the defenseless, but clearly dysfunctional offspring left to sort it out. Seriously!

Not really a representation of this"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Phil 4:8. And yet, I am drawn in. I think I need to be more selective in my viewing habits like I am in my reading habits. In fact, I rarely read grown up books any more because of the above reasons.

In the ears today:
Derek Trucks Band - Joyful Noise
(for the guitar nerd in me) I can't help it. My papa raised me well.

Llama - Close to the Silence
(The band is no longer together, but DANG I miss these guys. Such a delicious jam band. The piano player has gone on to be a rockin' producer here in town, not to mention to playing for rock stars here and there. Not sure what happened to the rest of the band, but that one was my friend and I've kept up with him.)

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