Sunday, August 31, 2008

whining and complaining

I gotta get it out somewhere. The carpal tunnel in both hands has stepped up. In the right hand it is excruciating. I wake up in the night crying it hurts so bad. The Geek kindly rubs my arm and hand for me, somehow without fully waking up! I can't hold a pencil for longer than about a sentence, but I am still able to type a bit here and a bit there. I really miss journaling. I was keeping a journal for our little girl and lately I have not been able to write to her the things I want to tell her. It makes me sad.

I have enjoyed this stage of pregnancy though. I am showing enough that for the first time a friend walked straight up to me and put her hands on my belly remarking that I really 'look pregnant'. Since I grew up with not a lot of personal space and am a pretty touchy-feely kind of girl, I don't mind it from friends. Strangers I might have a problem with unless they were a sweet old lady or something. As I hauled my belly from one side to the other (rolling over in my former life) I lamented to the Geek this morning while we snuggled that it was simply not fair that Giant pandas could birth something that, in proportion, would be the equivalent of me having a kitten. I could handle a kitten! Even if I had to live life with a pouch, it would be a good trade off, to which the Geek gave a horrified look at the thought of his little wife with a marsupial pouch.

I also gave my notice this past week at work. I am going to make it through the end of September (week 30) and then will be an official Stay-at-home mom. I have a feeling the 'mom' part of that will be exceedingly easy until she decides to be an external child and until early December I'll just be 'staying at home.'

I have found some relief for my arm pain and that has been to go 'floating.' I can't really do laps this week until my shoulders get better (ice packs 4 times a day), so I just float around in my little skirted maternity swim suit. Weightlessness is highly underrated.

-----------------laugh break------------------
...The Geek is WOWing this morning while we sit here in the Sunday morning quiet, me in the laz-y-boy blogging and him at his desk in our shared office and some random scent has drifted through the room. I listed off the things it could be and he replied..."wow. I got the first two scents, but the rest are in the 'sub-nasular' range." hee hee!
------------------end laugh break------------------

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