Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics end...and I have some thoughts on it.

Olympics close with a bang Photo from Reuters here

There was plenty in the news with the Olympics these past few weeks. From alleged underage gymnasts from China, to the Cuban who kicked the ref in the face when he was disqualified from his Tae Kwan Do match. From record Gold winnings by USA swimmer Michael Phelps to little old ladies sentenced to a year of re-education through labor for applying to many times for a permit to allow them to protest their homes being requisitioned for the building of the Olympics complex. So much for those designated 'protest parks' that...hmmm....China permitted no protests to occur in (denied every application for protest)!! Imagine that.

China may have pulled off a heck of an organized and beautiful Games, but at what cost? Grownups having to wear adult diapers during 'dance practice' for the opening ceremonies because they weren't allowed to take breaks? People placed under house arrest before the openings to prevent them making a stir and promote an illusion of harmony? Bloggers arrested for writing about protests? Factories shut down before the games begin to give the air a chance to clear with no recourse or pay for their workers?

Communism may crank out amazing athletes (I'd be awesome at some sport I was taken away from my parents and made to practice since the age of 3), but I'd rather have the basic human rights that our muddled up country can give us, rather than be censored for my opinions and muscled around for the sake of appearing perfect. Yay freedom!

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