Friday, September 05, 2008


See...I told you. Here comes the fear (and arrogance!). $100 bucks (since I want to go to the panels, not just the concerts - Concerts only are $35) is too much to spend to hear other people talk about what I should already know by now! (God, I think a lot of myself...) Plus it'll be late, really late! Some of my favorite shows are not until 11:45 pm! I have a pregnant girl curfew of 10 pm! IN the bed, asleep by then. Can I take naps? Not unless I am bone tired and pass out in some uncomfortable position on my bed with my arms flung out in a way that is sure to make them go dead by the time I wake up.

But I told you to hold me to it, so I am still going. I've begun to ask around and see who else is going. Are you? Let's see some shows together!

On a strange side note, I have had these huge knots in my back just under my shoulder blades. I remembered what my personal trainer sister told me about a makeshift massage when you can't get a real one: roll around on a tennis ball! I don't have tennis balls, but I have racketballs! I put the ball under my back in just the right place and rolled it around the sore spots. It sure spared my Geek some sore thumbs trying to get these knots out! Thanks sis for the advice so long ago given and so helpful at 3am. I swear, I only want to see the backs of my eyelids at that hour for the next few months, but I am doubtful of this happening.

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