Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sausage toes (and fingers) and BFG pigeon

I officially had to take off my wedding ring for fear that I would swell too much to wear it and have to have it cut off. I feel kinda naked without it. The Geek and I went to an ultrasound this morning to follow up on all the craziness from before and it seems all is well. The good-intentioned tech tried to get an image of her face, but it's always weird since they aren't taking a real photo, but a sound image, so you can see her bones in her arm and face. Creepy!

The Geek has been reading The BFG, by Roald Dahl to the belly and me. It is hilariously funny to read. I tend to have a strange vocabulary when I am being silly and we have been realizing that this vocabulary came from BFG speak that I heard when my Uncle Steve read me and my siblings this book as children. I was perhaps 6 years old. Strawbuncles = strawberries, etc. I had forgotten where I learned these references and now we look at each other and laugh when he reads a word that I've been saying all these years, but he'd never heard of before me.

As for the sausage toes, I have them. The doc, today, said it probably won't go away for the next 3 months and I just have to get used to it. DO NOT WANT!! I drink enough water to make me float away, but still, I am poofy. Ah well. I get to have a massage next week and it seems to help some with the swelling.

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Josh and Kelley's family said...

have you ever heard that the "poofiness" is from a sodium imbalance, either too little or too much? The midwife old me to eat a little more sodium and see if that seemed too...a little bit, or maybe I just wanted to think it helped :)

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